Is Prague The Perfect Stag Party Venue?

If you’re looking for a great Stag Party venue I’d recommend Prague in the Czech Republic.
We arrived via Easyjet from Stansted airport Thursday morning and after checking in headed straight off in search of “refreshment”.

The Czech’s aren’t famous for much but they did create the original Pils style lager including the original Budvar Budweiser and when it’s priced at less than a quid a pint there’s only one outcome – a lot of drunken Brits!

Prague by daytime is a popular tourist destination with a mixture of people from around the world but as the sun goes down the Stag parties are getting ready to play.
We were no exception, here’s the before and after shots of Essex boy John H, I’ll leave you to figure out which is which! I’ve spared you a picture of his elephant trunk thong which caused raucous laughter whenever it put in an appearance – which was often.

With only a discreet Police presence Prague copes really well with stag and hen parties and drunken Brits – it felt a lot safer than our local high street on a Saturday night even though we rubbed shoulders with loads of other stag and hen parties mostly from the UK, but also from around the world without hassle. Almost everyone, including the locals and bar staff were friendly.

Prague is reputed to be plagued by pickpockets so do keep one hand on your wallets while you’re walking about. We never experienced any problems but do watch out for the touts who are one unpleasant side effect of Prague’s success. You’ll meet the touts as you walk down “The Strip” where they compete aggressively for your custom, offering free entry, free drinks and anything else they think you’ll be interested in. At best touts are economical with the truth, the “free drink” is always a naff cocktail and never a beer, and anything else they say cannot be relied upon.

For a hassle free first evening do a bit of research and decide where you want to visit before you leave your hotel then stick to your plan – don’t be swayed by the touts and don’t let anyone in your party change your plans, you have been warned!

The essential clubbing venue is Duplex, it’s a top nightclub which offers the best music from top DJs with dozens of live dancers and live musicans. Entry is 300k (around £7.50) with Pils and bottled drinks reasonably priced, typically costing 100k a bottle (around £2.50).
We arrived on Thursday and there were a lot more Czech girls around than Friday night which was dominated by Brits.

Czech girls are, with hardly any exceptions, beautiful – I’ve never seen so many beautiful girls in one place at the same time. Sadly Czech blokes are also a handsome bunch so I suspect the only way to get any Czech girl action is to pay for it and there are plenty of opportunities in the strip clubs and bars.

We were on a stag party so naturally our mission was to tempt John into dangerous territory and Captain Nemo was recommended as the place to do just that. It’s a good 15 minute walk past touts towards Wenceslas Square and there’s an entry fee of 300k (around £7.50) and bottled beer also priced from 300k. You could settle for the comfortable sofas and beautiful pole dancing girls but you’d have to have the determination of a saint!
The girls work the room in turn introducing themselves and chatting through their “Extras menu” which starts from 1000k and ends in a private room upstairs! All it takes is for one of your party to crack (someone will) and an alcohol fuelled peer pressure really does kick in. It was certainly an experience I’ll never forget! If you run out of recommended venues ask other stag and hen parties where they’ve been and follow their advice.

Apart from getting pissed, lusting after women and making prats of ourselves on the dance floor we had a couple of great meals and a testosterone time paint balling.
I was the only paintball virgin in our party and I’ve got the bruises and aching limbs to prove it.
Although it wouldn’t be my hangover cure of choice it really does blow the cobwebs away.

We all arrived back at Stansted airport absolutely knackered, overtired but childishly happy and I’m really looking forward to the wedding to meet up with my new best mates and turn our shared memories into tall tales which I can now see is what having a Stag party is all about, nice one John.

So is Prague the perfect stag party venue? It certainly gets my vote.


Live 8 Benefit Concerts

The Live 8 benefit concerts kicked off on Saturday 2nd July 2005 there was an opportunity to help make poverty history so there was really only one place to be – in front of the TV all day!
It kicked off at 2pm and I watched it until I fell asleep around 12 hours later during the Philadelphia concert, which continued after the Hyde Park, London concert finished.
It was great to see awesome performances by both old and new bands, Pink Floyd did it for me, with a majestic performance.

Which just leaves the G8 summit and some serious head-banging of world leaders. If you haven’t already signed the petition at do it now…