Fancy Dress Party

I like a fancy dress party because it means party visitors have to make an effort before the event. This has several beneficial side effects:
Fancy dress party visitors are more likely to remember you’re having a party and turn up!
Once the costume is on you’re “in character” so even if you start off self-conscious you have a role to play.
It’s the perfect way to give a group of people (who may not know each other very well) something in common which makes it really easy to start conversations.

Anyway, we were invited to Claire’s 40th Birthday party and we had to go as something beginning with the letter “C”.
I looked at an online costume hire company in London but the site didn’t include sizes and by the time they’d replied to my email we’d organised a visit to a local costume hire store and picked up the costumes in the photo above.
I’m Al Capone and Deb is a Can Can Girl. It was a great party with a good selection of costumes along with a selection of cop-outs notably a Conservative who was just wearing a blue rosette which was so simple I almost admired his cheek – almost!

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