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Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Happy Christmas & New Year

I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and thank everyone who has used CantBarsed.com to save money while shopping online this year, it really is very much appreciated.

There are still a few stores taking orders right through until Friday and some stores have sales starting this week. Check our Christmas Last Orders & SALEs paage for the latest news.

The lingerie stores are always the last to call time - they must know us men will leave it until the last minute, which reminds me...

Monday, 18 December 2006

Breast Cancer Awareness

My wife Deb recently had a breast cancer scare, which thankfully turned out to be harmless, but it made us realise how suddenly family life can change and how lucky we are so we're going to donate £1 to Breast Cancer Care for each Christmas greeting message posted (up to a maximum £500) and you even get the chance to win some instant snow. We've left last years 21 greetings online to get you started so why not send your friends and colleagues to our greetings page?...

Following on from my last update we all enjoyed our day trip to London. The trains ran on time and the Blue Man Group were amazing, almost as good as the Las Vegas performance but the tickets for the London show were MUCH cheaper.
My tip is to buy Blue Man Group tickets in the front 4 rows, they come with free ponchos but only cost half the price and I haven't seen anyone get seriously covered in goo - yet!

Friday, 8 December 2006

Wow, I really can't be arsed!

Even I'm shocked how few entries I've posted to this blog this year and it's almost Christmas again! We've skipped right past Halloween - or I would have had it not been for my daughter Natasha's top pumpkin carving, bought to you in the widescreen format it deserves - go Natasha Tarrentino!

Since my last post I've driven an Aston Martin DB9, Lamboghini Gallardo and Ferrari 550 on a track day, courtesy of top experience company Buyagift, which was pretty damn exciting BUT ever since making airfix models and going to air-shows I've always been into planes and over the summer I got to fly a stunt plane through most of the manourves I've watched at air-shows dozens of times. It was the best experience ever... ever.

Things have also been hotting up on the business front. We finally managed to buy the cantBEarsed.com domain from the guy who has owned it since we set up cantBarsed.com and it's great to have that in our portfolio - although it was a painful expense.
With all the hype surrounding the launch of the .eu domains we also bought cantbearsed.eu and cantbarsed.eu to avoid going through the same pain barrier again.
At the moment all the domains end up at cantbarsed.com but if you have any ideas what we could do with the cantbearsed.com domain we'd love to hear them - making email accounts available on the cantbearsed.com domain would be quite cool but they would have to be paid accounts because we can't find a good free webmail provider to work with (suggestions welcomed) and we still have several thousand cantbarsed.com webmail accounts live.

I'm taking the kids to see the Blue Man Group in London and having seen them in Las Vegas I know they're going to love it. Will try to remember to report back.

In the meantime I hope all your Christmas preparations are going well, remember to use our promotional codes pages to save a few quid while you're shopping online.

Friday, 22 September 2006

Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm just back from Las Vegas courtesy of AstroBingo online bingo. We flew with Virgin Atlantic who did a great job getting me across the pond and back, their staff are always friendly and helpful and they're definitely my favourite airline.

I was staying in the Stardust hotel which is due to be "imploded" before Christmas to make way for a new hotel/casino complexes. This seems to be happening all along the "strip" - Americans often complain they have no history but what do they expect when they knock down and rebuild all the time!

The buildings along the Las Vegas strip are really impressive and the shows second to none. I watched "Le Reve", which is a Cirque Du Soliel style show, at the Wynn complex in a purpose built 360 degree theatre and it was amazing. Equally impressive was the Blue Man Show at The Venetian which combines mime, paint, drums and plumbing perfectly, it's a must see show.

Most impressive of all though was one of mother nature's best efforts, Death Valley in California. It's one of the hottest places on earth with 57C recorded in 2001 - that's salt not water in my holiday picture and it was a bit warm.

Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Nocturnal Tendencies

My 16 year old son is still in bed and it's 2.30pm and it's really winding me up.
It's not just the waste of daylight hours but when I'm in my happy place updating my sites in the early hours there he is mooching around tinkering with things, using up my bandwidth downloading stuff and generally spoiling my most productive working hours.
Suggestions welcomed!

Friday, 23 June 2006

Come On England!

I've always thought of Michael Owen as an honest player but given he never looked fully fit there's a nagging he knew he wasn't ready to play in the World Cup but kept that to himself because he desperately wanted to play. I hope I'm wrong.

I thought England played well against Equador on Sunday and it will be a really interesting encounter against Portugal and Scolari. If we can improve enough to win that match without extra time or penalites we're in with a real chance of winning!

We've got a page up with all the World Cup promotional offers and codes we can find, let us know if you have any other codes.

Friday, 20 January 2006

Valentines Day - January Sales Begone!

I find it hard to make romantic gestures but I've been updating the Valentines Day Gift Ideas pages and looking through last years entries to our Valentines Day Messages Free Competition and it's clear there are plenty of romantics out there (apart from the lady who sent in an entry last year wishing her former partner would drop dead!). Anyway we've decided to run the competition again, we've got two prizes up for grabs this year:
The winning entry gets to choose a thong worth up to £30 sponsored by BeCheeky.com and a free prize draw winner gets Nookii (sounds good? It's a board game in case you're wondering, but it's pretty much gauranteed to get you some live action with your partner) sponsored by Prezzybox so even if you haven't got a partner at the moment you can make something up and still be in with a chance of winning.

Thursday, 5 January 2006

Happy New Years Resolutions

Here's a chance to announce your New Years Resolutions online - which might just help you keep them - there's even a prize for the best entry - a NavLight - it's a lavatory nightlight, a visual targeting system featuring state of the art seat of pants technology.

The most popular resolutions so far involve going on a diet and giving up smoking and you've got until the end of January to come up with the winning entry.

If you've still got any cash to spend check out our January Sales page which has some seriously tempting offers.

Thanks to all our regular visitors and newsletter subscribers for supporting CantBarsed.com during 2005, we wish you all a prosperous 2006.