CantBarsed Goes To Las Vegas, Nevada

I’m just back from Las Vegas courtesy of AstroBingo online bingo. We flew with Virgin Atlantic who did a great job getting me across the pond and back, their staff are always friendly and helpful and they’re definitely my favourite airline.

I was staying in the Stardust hotel which is due to be “imploded” before Christmas to make way for a new hotel/casino complexes. This seems to be happening all along the “strip” – Americans often complain they have no history but what do they expect when they knock down and rebuild all the time!

The buildings along the Las Vegas strip are really impressive and the shows second to none. I watched “Le Reve”, which is a Cirque Du Soliel style show, at the Wynn complex in a purpose built 360 degree theatre and it was amazing. Equally impressive was the Blue Man Show at The Venetian which combines mime, paint, drums and plumbing perfectly, it’s a must see show.

Most impressive of all though was one of mother nature’s best efforts, Death Valley in California. It’s one of the hottest places on earth with 57C recorded in 2001 – that’s salt not water in my holiday picture and it was a bit warm.