Wow! CantBarsed Really Can’t be Arsed!

Even I’m shocked how CantBarsed can’t be arsed. I’ve only posted a handful of entries to the blog this year and it’s almost Christmas again! We’ve skipped right past Halloween – or I would have had it not been for my daughter Natasha’s top pumpkin carving, bought to you in the widescreen format it deserves – go Natasha Tarantino!

Since my last post I’ve driven an Aston Martin DB9, Lamboghini Gallardo and Ferrari 550 on a track day, courtesy of top experience company Buyagift, which was pretty damn exciting BUT ever since making Airfix models and going to air-shows I’ve always been into planes and over the summer I got to fly a stunt plane through most of the manoeuvres I’ve watched at air-shows dozens of times. It was the best experience ever… ever.

Things have also been hotting up on the business front. We finally managed to buy the domain from the guy who has owned it since we set up and it’s great to have that in our portfolio – although it was a painful expense.
With all the hype surrounding the launch of the .eu domains we also bought and to avoid going through the same pain barrier again.
At the moment all the domains end up at but if you have any ideas what we could do with the domain we’d love to hear them – making email accounts available on the domain would be quite cool but they would have to be paid accounts because we can’t find a good free webmail provider to work with (suggestions welcomed) and we still have several thousand webmail accounts live.

I’m taking the kids to see the Blue Man Group in London and having seen them in Las Vegas I know they’re going to love it. Will try to remember to report back.

In the meantime I hope all your Christmas preparations are going well, remember to use our promotional codes pages to save a few quid while you’re shopping online if you cantBarsed can’t be arsed.


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