Iny Meany Miny Mo, to the AW Event We Shall Go!

I’d already accepted my invitation to the Affiliate Window event before I realised it clashes with the A4U get2gether and cruise to Amsterdam. I can’t do both events and keep Deb happy on her birthday. It’s a shame when affiliate events clash but I’ve been meaning to put some names to AW faces and it looks set to be a great evening. I’ll certainly miss my usual round of conversations with the guys from the a4u forum but I hope they’ll be some familiar faces at the AW event too.

ASOS Rant – Bedroom Affiliates &

ASOS rant alert! We were the last “ASOS Affiliate of the Year” before ASOS sulked and took their ball home. We’ve been outed by ASOS Pearly King Nick Robinson as one of the “grubby little people in grubby studios growing income at our expense” which seems a tad harsh given ASOS invited me to their London HQ, took me out to lunch and encouraged us to make more sales.

This all happened back in the days before the ASOS affiliate program evolved into a pointless exercise and, by no co-incidence, shortly after affiliate marketing superhero Jess Luthi escaped her corporate shackles and took the ASOS brain cell with her.