Shields Up! Discount Code Websites Under Attack…

Discount code websites like our and are now so popular we’re coming under ever closer scrutiny from merchants. Most are happy for us to promote their codes, which they see as a symbiotic relationship, others are ambivalent or turn a blind eye but increasingly we’re being asked to remove valid codes which is definitely bad for YOU and makes our sites less relevant.

What’s worse is that some of the merchants who have asked us to remove codes still give them away to newsletter subscribers (read our money saving tips about newsletters) and via their other advertising channels which leaves our regular visitors out in the cold.

If their aim is to get rid of code sites they’re unlikely to succeed – a quick look at the US experience shows code sites are not going to go away so pulling codes is just going to drive the perceived problem underground.

We’ve always approached merchants to organise exclusive promotional codes for cantBarsed visitors so we’ve ramped up this activity which in the long run will hurt the stores not offering codes as their coverage shrinks at the expense of our exclusive promo code partners.

The challenge for merchants is to learn to work with discount code websites, not against us, and manage promotional codes intelligently so everyone is a winner.