My Head Is Going To Explode

So Christmas was good and Happy New Year to you all while I’m in here struggling with the pixelmajigs. The weather is much like my runny nose and I’m not sleeping very well with so so many ideas buzzing around I think my head is going to explode.

The nub of my problem is the everyday mundane tasks that get in the way of my insatiable appetite to do something new – anything new! I’m not talking big ideas or ground breaking concepts here – some new or rediscovered music to listen to ((listening to Daft Punk at max volume right now), tinkering with my iPhones (Oh yeah! I won one of those legitimately UNLOCKED euro iPhones in a competition run by – how cool is that? – and I plan to hack it and write about it here – erm… soon) – so pretty much ANYTHING other than what I HAVE to do to keep our websites ticking along is what my body WANTS to do.

The end result is I always feel that whatever I am doing right now I should be doing something else so my blog posts are sporadic and rambling at best and I have so much unfinished business kicking around but when you look after a website called you can get away with it – up to a point.

With my sensible shoes on link building is one of those jobs I can’t imagine anyone enjoys but, when done right, it can also be one of the most productive too. I’ve only ever been interested in linking in context with plain text links so don’t bother offering me your link pages, but anything else is welcome. You can email me or get me on MSN via joe at and show me your wares. One upside has been some great chats with other webmasters and that’s given me even more ideas – doh!

Sales are still going in the right direction and, inspired by several other affiliates publishing their stats, my snippet is total sales approaching… £5 million during 2007.

As others have pointed out there is also an unwelcome downward trend in commissions combined with an increase in advertising costs so it’s certainly not getting any easier, especially for new affiliates. This can’t be good for the industry in general and next time I’m in a bad mood I’ll be dumping merchants with low or zero commissions which are unacceptable.


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