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Thursday, 17 January 2008

Valentines Day Messages - Will You Marry Me?

Valentines Day messages - Free competition - Win a Romantic Calendar
It's that time of year again and we're publishing Valentines Day Messages on CantBarsed, anonymously if you prefer, so you can share a little love, or start some rumours around the office.
This is the third year we've run this online event and we've just had our first marriage proposal - How cool is that? It's also a leap year so look out guys, the tables have been turned!
Every message is also entered into a Free Competition to Win 1 of 5 Valentines Romance Calendars kindly sponsored by Prezzybox who deserve a mention because they've sponsored the event every year.
The closing date for entries is midnight 14th February 2007


  1. I've just spent ten minutes reading all them without realising it. Very compelling noseying into everyone's personal lives!

    Hmmm... what would mine to Duncan be?

    "My darling honeypups, I vow to give you a percentage of my love in return for every kiss you buy from me for all eternity. Love and kisses, your snuggly commission fairy." *gag*

    Now THAT's an affiliate love story.

  2. Because I'm a numbskull and I set the page up years ago I add the entries manually and it takes forever - the upside this year has been adding comments, it's a fun challenge.