Whistler, IWOOT, Curly Wurlys & Jet Lag

I’m not a fan of February(ies) in the UK so the idea of stomping my carbon footprint across Canada was appealing – especially when the entire trip was organised and paid for by IWantOneOfThose.com – the worlds favourite gadget site.
We flew with British Airways, the worlds favourite airline, that cancelled our flight because the pilot was “ill” – I still can’t believe that excuse, the more I think about it the more pathetic it sounds. Do BA really not have a single backup crew?

The upside was a stopover in Toronto on route to Vancouver and Whistler mountain where the original plan was for a gang of affiliates to go boarding.

Instead we went up the Canada National Tower in Toronto, drank large quantities of beer and cocktails, with some serious eye contact, ate Twirly Wurlies and got into an outrageous pillow fight at a swinging party – I’d like to tell you more but fight club rules apply on holiday so I’ll just talk about me and skiing.

Learning to ski is easy enough but convincing your brain to let your body slide down a slippery slope with minimal control is a LOT harder – at least until the Adrenalin rush kicks in and you’re back on the chair lift for another run.

Harvey, my ski-lesson buddy, was fearless but clearly his brain doesn’t work because he lost his ski poles, his lift pass, his googles and then ME up the mountain!

Everyone who knows anything about skiing says Whistler is THE place to visit but without anything to compare it with all I can do is agree with the instructors who reckon it’s awesome dude, mental even and it certainly got under my skin in more ways than one.

I always suffer jet lag returning from America and it takes me well over a week to get back to normal so here I am wide awake at 2am yet hardly able to stay awake during the day – of course I’d love to do it all over again and to Paul, Julian, Julie, Ian, Jamie and Harvey I’d like to say thanks very much for your company.


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