iPhone 3G brilliant & iPhone iOS 2.0 Software & MobileMe Inspirational!

I’ve just watched Steve Jobs presentation to the WWDC and while I’m really excited about the new iPhone what I’m most looking forward to is the free forthcoming iPhone 2.0 software update and MobileMe (a revamped .mac service) which together will make a big difference to the way I work as an affiliate on a daily basis.

MobileMe is described as the “cloud in the sky” which synchronises data between your all your desktop and mobile devices in near-real time over the air (3G, 2G or WiFi).

This is perfect for affiliate marketeers. For example I’ll be able to read and reply to an email on my iPhone and both my desktop computer and laptop will know I’ve already read and dealt with that email so I won’t have to read it again or mark it as read on my other machines.
I’ll also have access to all my contacts and spreadsheets anywhere and any changes made will be updated on my other devices seamlessly – no more multiple, but different, copies of the same documents on different machines.
I think I’ll be able to do the same with Dreamweaver web pages but putting the pages live will still be a separate task, I look forward to having a play to see what’s possible and what’s practical.

This time around Apple have made a huge effort to get the business world on-board. A whole bunch of Fortune 500 companies were signed up to the beta program and with full support for Microsoft Exchange, Cisco and the ability to open Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents in place demand is going to go through the roof.

Add July 11th 2008 To Your Diary

That’s the day the iPhone 3G goes on sale in Apple and O2 stores across the UK and it looks like they’re NOT going to be available online (as an Apple affiliate that’s REALLY bad news) and can only be activated in-store. I’m not happy about having to queue up and activate in-store but from O2’s POV it makes perfect sense because it will reduce iPhone hacking/unlocking (again this is bad news for O2/CPW affiliates).
At an estimated 12 minutes per customer there’s going to be some long queues outside stores which means lots of media coverage.
I can’t decide whether to play their game or wait and play with the iPhone 2.0 software on my existing iPhone and run the risk of the iPhone 3G going out of stock, especially because at a price point equivalent to $199 they are going to fly off the shelves (although I want the more expensive 16Gb white model), decisions, decisions.

More Apple News

Last July I blogged about how iTunes was the Trojan horse which lets Apple loose on Windows machines and alongside a new Apps Store you’ll also be able to install iPhone apps from iTunes and I’m looking forward to seeing how MyMobile interacts with Apple TV, where you can now rent and buy movies along with popular TV shows. It’s all coming together rather nicely now isn’t it?


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