CSS – Oh No I’ve Got Can’t Shop Syndrome!

Looking after mega shopping directory (CantBarsed.com) and monster discount codes website (DiscountCodes.tv) means I always know which stores are holding Events, Mega days and Spectaculars and where to look for pretty much anything from LCD TVs to pants – which is how I feel about online shopping at the moment!

Even my wife consults me for shopping advice – that’s just WRONG! I’m suffering shoppers burnout and there’s still another couple of juicy shopping weeks to go before I can get off to sleep without seeing my christmas list, promo codes and catwalk models wearing lingerie before my eyes – oops did I write that last bit out loud?

CSS, aggrevated by post traumatic shopping stress disorder, has rendered me incapable of making a purchasing decision – even after doing my due diligence comparison shopping on my own sites, and Froogle, and BillyBargain (shameless plug) when I get to the store checkout I come over all rabbity-headlighty when I see that field where you can enter a promotional code or discount voucher.

Yeah, I know it’s my business to know all about codes but even when I’m sure there isn’t a code I can’t bring myself to complete the purchase so I waste hours looking around other code sites and forums just to make sure I haven’t missed the bargain shopping saving opportunity of the century and the end result is another abandoned basket, yep, I’ve definitely got CSS.

Then there’s trigger levels. It all seems innocent enough with teasers like “get an extra 10% discount when spending over £50” so there I am working out whether to split my order into two, maybe across 2 or more stores, and before you know it I’ve got half a dozen store checkouts open and another bunch of abadoned baskets and every day is one less shopping day and if I don’t get help soon I’m going to have to head into town and shop in person!

I could start a victim support group “CantBarsed to Research All Purchases”, CRAP for short. Then when I get to the checkout and think “Oh CRAP” I’ll know who to call. CRAP advocates an alternative take on the IAB best practice:

When there really, really, really isn’t a promo code, freebie or deal just plainly state:

There are NO codes today. Don’t waste your time looking elsewhere. Don’t Worry, Be happy!

2 Replies to “CSS – Oh No I’ve Got Can’t Shop Syndrome!”

  1. I like your idea of the victim support group!

    It would be handy if retailers just hit the box at checkout if no codes are available, plus if they displayed your message, everyone would be happy.

    Alas, I think this may never happen 🙁

  2. Hahahaha… Joe, I’m exactly the same. Course, I don’t have the terrible case of Voucher Code-itis but I simply can’t be arsed (boom boom) to do my Christmas shopping. Its too much after spending the day trying to wring out every last bit of money from other people’s shopping efforts.

    Someone needs to create an affiliate site… to help burned out affiliates with their Christmas shopping!!

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