How To Encourage Affiliates to Update Creatives…

Because we work with hundreds (thousands?) of merchants all competing for our atttention we have to make choices about which merchants to update first in our ongoing mission to keep everything up to date across our websites.

We’re more likely to update merchants that work best for us so we don’t miss out on future sales and we’re always responsive to requests from staff at networks, agencies and merchants with whom we have built-up a personal relationship.

We also keep an eye out for any threatening emails we get from merchants who may remove us from their programs if we don’t comply with their requests at which point we make a judgement call about how to promote them in the future – working with merchants who make unreasonable requests and threats, especially at short notice, often results in us promoting their competitors ahead of them.

Today we got this email from Boden, via Affiliate Window:

Dear Boden Affiliates,

Boden are encouraging all affiliates to remove any stale promotions and to update their sites with the new 10% off, plus free delivery and returns, Autumn promotion. For affiliates doing this, Boden are offering 3 x £100 gift vouchers to 3 lucky entrants.

Now that is a simple and effective way to get affiliates working with you that demonstrates an understanding of how most affiliates work and I’d like to see more of this carrot instead of stick approach in the future.

Boden have also put up a further 3 x £100 gift vouchers to encourage affiliates to add Boden home page links and feature Boden in newsletters.

Well done Boden.