Too Busy Practising Taoist Tai Chi To Post For Over 4 Years!

taoist tai chi chinese five elementsThis post breaks my own previous record of not blogging by years. It’s probably a one-off because I just don’t feel the urge to write any more and the words don’t always flow like they once did – a cantbarsed malaise far worse than any writers block.

From my personal experience of practicing taoist tai chi on a daily basis for most of this century I know my health and sense of well being have improved in ways exercising in a gym never could. Although my body is older it’s more flexible and resilient than it was a decade ago. I also have a much deeper understanding of my body from the inside out both physically and spiritually. I’ve always thought about stuff and taichi is the vehicle I’m using on my journey of self-discovery – I’m unrecognisable to myself and it feels great.

Feeling great reminds me a question I was asked recently by a friend: How good do you feel on a scale from one to ten? I said eight (although I was actually thinking ten but eight came out of my mouth in some odd form or modesty or self-censorship). My answer was greeted with “Really?” and a surprised look. That reaction had me wondering if I really looked like the grumpy old man my family tell me I am but what he actually said was that most people rate themselves lower than I had – which surprised me. I’m interested to know how happy YOU feel on a scale of one to ten and why?

The why for me is taoist tai chi – one of the reasons I cantbarsed to blog any more is because I’d rather be practicing taichi. I’ve bored all my family and friends about the health benefits of taoist tai chi and, despite the overwhelming anecdotal and scientific evidence, I’ve come to understand taichi is not for everybody and I’m comfortable with that.

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