Live 8 Benefit Concerts

The Live 8 benefit concerts kicked off on Saturday 2nd July 2005 there was an opportunity to help make poverty history so there was really only one place to be – in front of the TV all day!
It kicked off at 2pm and I watched it until I fell asleep around 12 hours later during the Philadelphia concert, which continued after the Hyde Park, London concert finished.
It was great to see awesome performances by both old and new bands, Pink Floyd did it for me, with a majestic performance.

Which just leaves the G8 summit and some serious head-banging of world leaders. If you haven’t already signed the petition at do it now…


My FREE Sunglasses Arrived

This is one of those unmissable freebies which comes along every now and then. Mankind, a great male grooming website, are offering a free pair of American Crew sunglasses worth £14.99 with every order while stocks last.

You can get the Sunglasses without placing an order but the P&P is £5.50, with any order you just pay the normal £3.50 P&P charge so it’s worth buying something.

If you get an order in today (Thursday 30th June) you can also use their R10J Discount code and save 10% on your order as well.

Mankind are also pretty efficient, my order arrived the next day.

I’ve Got a New SONY k750i Mobile Phone Review

I’ve never been into mobile phones but I have always been into photography and cameras so when I spotted the new Sony k750i has a 2 megapixel digital camera – the same resolution as my Sony DSC P51 but about four times smaller AND it’s a mobile phone, with built-in FM radio and MP3 Player I had to take a closer look.

Mobile phone cameras have always been near useless, but the Sony k750i camera looks like a proper digital camera and the picture quality is good enough to be useful. Instead of a flash with the dreaded red-eye it offers a bright light feature which doubles up as a torch, it’s even really useful as a torch.

The camera take Sony memory sticks so if you upgrade the bundled 64Mb memory stick to a 1Gb memory stick you could store around 120 songs and still take 250 photos which is pretty cool.

Another feature I’m finding surprisingly useful is the organiser, if you’re used to keeping track of your daily appointments using Outlook you can synchronise your contacts and appointments easily by connecting the phone to your PC using the USB cable and bundled software provided.

The Sony k750i is the first mobile phone I’ve actually enjoyed using so if you’re in the market for a new mobile phone check it out, visit our mobile phones page to compare contacts and PAYG mobile phone options across the UK networks…


Mr Angry – Another Website Stole Our Exclusive!

We work hard to organise exclusive promotions with other top UK sites for all our visitors but recently we’ve found our promo codes popping up on other sites!

That’s not cricket, it’s stealing! Our codes are nearly always “cantBarsed” or a simple variation so it’s obvious who they are intended for.

We’ve got no problem with visitors sharing our codes with each other, in fact we encourage everyone to share our newsletters, but when other webmasters post our codes on their sites we’re not happy, we’re Mr angry.

If you do see our codes on other sites a tip off about the rip off would be appreciated. Rant over.