Happy Christmas & New Year

I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and thank everyone who has used CantBarsed.com to save money while shopping online this year, it really is very much appreciated.

There are still a few stores taking orders right through until Friday and some stores have sales starting this week. Check our Christmas Last Orders & SALEs page for the latest news.

The lingerie stores are always the last to call time – they must know us men will leave it until the last minute, which reminds me…


CantBarsed Goes To Las Vegas, Nevada

I’m just back from Las Vegas courtesy of AstroBingo online bingo. We flew with Virgin Atlantic who did a great job getting me across the pond and back, their staff are always friendly and helpful and they’re definitely my favourite airline.

I was staying in the Stardust hotel which is due to be “imploded” before Christmas to make way for a new hotel/casino complexes. This seems to be happening all along the “strip” – Americans often complain they have no history but what do they expect when they knock down and rebuild all the time!

The buildings along the Las Vegas strip are really impressive and the shows second to none. I watched “Le Reve”, which is a Cirque Du Soliel style show, at the Wynn complex in a purpose built 360 degree theatre and it was amazing. Equally impressive was the Blue Man Show at The Venetian which combines mime, paint, drums and plumbing perfectly, it’s a must see show.

Most impressive of all though was one of mother nature’s best efforts, Death Valley in California. It’s one of the hottest places on earth with 57C recorded in 2001 – that’s salt not water in my holiday picture and it was a bit warm.


Valentines Day – January Sales Begone!

I find it hard to make romantic gestures but I’ve been updating the Valentines Day Gift Ideas pages and looking through last years entries to our Valentines Day Messages Free Competition and it’s clear there are plenty of romantics out there (apart from the lady who sent in an entry last year wishing her former partner would drop dead!). Anyway we’ve decided to run the competition again, we’ve got two prizes up for grabs this year:
The winning entry gets to choose a thong worth up to £30 sponsored by BeCheeky.com and a free prize draw winner gets Nookii (sounds good? It’s a board game in case you’re wondering, but it’s pretty much guaranteed to get you some live action with your partner) sponsored by Prezzybox so even if you haven’t got a partner at the moment you can make something up and still be in with a chance of winning.


So that was Christmas 2005 Online

So that was Christmas 2005 online and, if we believe all the hype, I should be a millionaire by now so I obviously need to try harder – so here goes…

Although the main rush is over there’s still plenty of time to shop online for delivery before Christmas with most online stores still taking orders until next Tuesday/Wednesday. We’ve got a page together with all the Last Christmas order deadlines and, unlike previous years, quite a few of the most popular items are in stock.

The gadget stores have been trying to give each other the chocolate finger by undercutting each other for the chocolate fountain market and I can’t imagine they’ll be a buffet in the land which doesn’t feature a chocolate fountain from now on – another step in the wrong direction for the nations health I think.

The lingerie stores always do well as us men get over-excited looking forward to some bedroom action over the festive season. Just make sure you don’t get caught checking sizes in the undies drawer or it could all end in tears.
It amuses me how much we’re prepared to pay for the skimpiest triangles of material but at least BeCheeky have been kind enough to give CantBarsed.com a promotional code which gets you a free thong with every order – even then the jiffy bag will weigh more than its contents!

I wanted to get my daughter a pink mobile phone but they seem to be out of stock everywhere, it’s become an obsession so if anyone reading this has stock and get one to me before Christmas post a comment.

I’m really looking forward to the annual Christmas binge but I know from previous years come New Years Eve we’ll all be signing up for online diets and making New Year Resolutions we won’t keep. The last couple of years we’ve run a Free Competition with a prize for the best New Year Resolution and we’ll open it again this year so get your thinking caps on and come up with something which will capture our imagination. Hmmn, just thinking of a suitable prize and a chocolate fountain would make an ironic choice! Got any suggestions?

Our current iPod nano Free Prize Draw closes Christmas Eve so get another entry in before then – you can enter weekly and we’re currently running a couple of other Free Prize Draws for subscribers so check them out too.

Finally I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and thank everyone who has used CantBarsed.com to save money during the Christmas 2005 online period, it really is very much appreciated.


I Was Busy! RPL Buys BuyAnExperience.co.uk

Apart from holidays I’ve sent the cantBarsed.com newsletter out regularly every week for years but this week I really was too busy!

Our company Renegade Publishing Ltd has recently bought BuyAnExperience.co.uk (and a bunch of other niche sites) we’ve been busy getting to grips with how everything works. If you’re looking for an Activity Day we’ve got most of the experiences available from all the popular gift experience suppliers in the UK on the site and it’s a lot easier to find what you’re looking for and compare prices, using the nifty wishlist function, than it is to trawl around dozens of other sites.

So I’d just like to apologise to regular readers, I was busy but normal service will be resumed this Tuesday.


My FREE Sunglasses Arrived

This is one of those unmissable freebies which comes along every now and then. Mankind, a great male grooming website, are offering a free pair of American Crew sunglasses worth £14.99 with every order while stocks last.

You can get the Sunglasses without placing an order but the P&P is £5.50, with any order you just pay the normal £3.50 P&P charge so it’s worth buying something.

If you get an order in today (Thursday 30th June) you can also use their R10J Discount code and save 10% on your order as well.

Mankind are also pretty efficient, my order arrived the next day.

Mr Angry – Another Website Stole Our Exclusive!

We work hard to organise exclusive promotions with other top UK sites for all our visitors but recently we’ve found our promo codes popping up on other sites!

That’s not cricket, it’s stealing! Our codes are nearly always “cantBarsed” or a simple variation so it’s obvious who they are intended for.

We’ve got no problem with visitors sharing our codes with each other, in fact we encourage everyone to share our newsletters, but when other webmasters post our codes on their sites we’re not happy, we’re Mr angry.

If you do see our codes on other sites a tip off about the rip off would be appreciated. Rant over.