Cheesed off with Cheeselets – More Like CheeseLESS!

cheesed off with CheeseletsWe always look forward to cracking open our first tube of the new Cheeselets season and this year United Biscuits have taken the biscuit – literally, about half of them by our reckoning – we’re cheesed off with Cheeselets!

It’s not all bad, the useless opening pull strip that always breaks off is gone (hurrah) and they’ve changed the flavour again – they taste different, a bit crispier, but still good.
Our kids pointed out they’re 40% less fat… less salt… less everything because the biscuits are 40% gone!

And it’s not just one tube, we checked several, and it’s not because they’ve compacted down either, if anything there’s fewer broken biscuits than normal. Frankly we’re cheesed off with Cheeselets!