Valentines Day Messages – Will You Marry Me?

It’s that time of year again and we’re publishing Valentines Day Messages on CantBarsed, anonymously if you prefer, so you can share a little love, or start some rumours around the office.
This is the third year we’ve run this online event and we’ve just had our first marriage proposal – How cool is that? It’s also a leap year so look out guys, the tables have been turned!
Every message is also entered into a Free Competition to Win 1 of 5 Valentines Romance Calendars kindly sponsored by Prezzybox who deserve a mention because they’ve sponsored the event every year.
The closing date for entries is midnight 14th February 2007


Cheesed off with Cheeselets – More Like CheeseLESS!

cheesed off with CheeseletsWe always look forward to cracking open our first tube of the new Cheeselets season and this year United Biscuits have taken the biscuit – literally, about half of them by our reckoning – we’re cheesed off with Cheeselets!

It’s not all bad, the useless opening pull strip that always breaks off is gone (hurrah) and they’ve changed the flavour again – they taste different, a bit crispier, but still good.
Our kids pointed out they’re 40% less fat… less salt… less everything because the biscuits are 40% gone!

And it’s not just one tube, we checked several, and it’s not because they’ve compacted down either, if anything there’s fewer broken biscuits than normal. Frankly we’re cheesed off with Cheeselets!

Valentines Day – January Sales Begone!

I find it hard to make romantic gestures but I’ve been updating the Valentines Day Gift Ideas pages and looking through last years entries to our Valentines Day Messages Free Competition and it’s clear there are plenty of romantics out there (apart from the lady who sent in an entry last year wishing her former partner would drop dead!). Anyway we’ve decided to run the competition again, we’ve got two prizes up for grabs this year:
The winning entry gets to choose a thong worth up to £30 sponsored by and a free prize draw winner gets Nookii (sounds good? It’s a board game in case you’re wondering, but it’s pretty much guaranteed to get you some live action with your partner) sponsored by Prezzybox so even if you haven’t got a partner at the moment you can make something up and still be in with a chance of winning.


Happy New Years Resolutions

Here’s a chance to announce your New Years Resolutions online – which might just help you keep them – there’s even a prize for the best entry – a NavLight – it’s a lavatory nightlight, a visual targeting system featuring state of the art seat of pants technology.

The most popular resolutions so far involve going on a diet and giving up smoking and you’ve got until the end of January to come up with the winning entry.

If you’ve still got any cash to spend check out our January Sales page which has some seriously tempting offers.

Thanks to all our regular visitors and newsletter subscribers for supporting during 2005, we wish you all a prosperous 2006.


My FREE Sunglasses Arrived

This is one of those unmissable freebies which comes along every now and then. Mankind, a great male grooming website, are offering a free pair of American Crew sunglasses worth £14.99 with every order while stocks last.

You can get the Sunglasses without placing an order but the P&P is £5.50, with any order you just pay the normal £3.50 P&P charge so it’s worth buying something.

If you get an order in today (Thursday 30th June) you can also use their R10J Discount code and save 10% on your order as well.

Mankind are also pretty efficient, my order arrived the next day.