10th Anniversary Year! was launched with no fanfare early in 2000 with no commercial ambition and no real direction.

The only thing I had in place was free webmail accounts which I thought were great fun and they remain popular today.

It was a chance email exchange with Dan Mountain (MD, Buyagift) that changed the direction of the website and led to my career in affiliate marketing.

Having quit my design job in London and retired over a decade earlier to become one of the first house husbands in the playground I was living the cantBarsed lifestyle and tinkering around online in my spare time as the World Wide Web stumbled into existence and the boom became the next big thing.

We heard a comedian using “dot com” as a punchline which stuck in my mind. One of Deb’s favourite expressions back then, and even now, remains: “I can’t be arsed” and I started chiming in with “dot com” every time she said it. At some point I casually checked whether had been registered – and it had, which could easily have been the end of the story.

However, lying in bed, late one night, the image of a bumble bee between the words can’t and arsed popped into to my head (yeah I know it’s stupid but stick with me) and the idea for a domain named was born. I registered the domain and it was only when I was playing with logo designs I realised the letter B turned sideways made a bum shape and the original cantBarsed logo was born. The logo was subsequently animated and tipped up at an angle so it’s easier to read and the design is now protected as a registered TradeMark.

I also registered and several years ago I finally managed to get my hands on for £3700 – which is most I have paid for a domain name so far and a sizable company expense at the time. I remember Nadeem Azam telling me it was news in the domain name industry and I also remember Nadeem making himself ill during the .eu domain sunrise period trying to buy them ALL(!) which prompted me to pre-register and and those, along with a bunch of other variations, all end up at website.

The screenshot is dated 14th August 2000 and, from memory, I’d just revamped the site with the idea of making money aiming for an Austin Powers multicolored blocks feel – I still like it!

Keen affiliate marketeers will notice I was already up and running as an Amazon affiliate and the and Cheeky Monkey banners were running via UKaffiliates – which later transmoglified into Deal Group Media. I think the banner is an early Commission Junction program.

After several years of trial and error, learning from my mistakes along the way, eventually started to make money and went on to establish itself as one of the first popular UK affiliate marketing portal style websites in the UK.

The peak year for was around 2007, before dedicated code sites dominated affiliate marketing, but even now, in’s 10th Anniversary year, the site still makes money from over 700 hand-crafted static HTML pages which continue to rank well in search engines for many popular search keyword terms.

Future Plans
We continue to add content and keep up to date and during 2009 we finally managed to automate the promotional code handling to comply with IAB regulations. During 2010 we’re planning to move away from static hand crafted HTML pages using Adobe Dreamweaver to an online Content Management System which should free up more time to add more original and useful content.

I find the continued existence of, in today’s über-corporate world, purely as a result of a string of co-incidences, remarkable and I’m looking forward to working on the site to secure it’s future well into the teenies.

Domain Name Haggling How to (or not) Haggle

Like many affiliates we “own” hundreds of domain names but we’re not “domainers” and I find domain name haggling entertaining for domains that I really, really want but don’t need.
I particularly enjoyed this conversation and haven’t yet decided whether to continue the “negotiation” or not, perhaps your comments will help…

Dear Joe,
Thank you for contacting us about []. The domain is priced at £5,000 or above.
The price bracket indicated is based on a previous brief initial search of related websites and businesses using the term “[snip]”, statistics such as Internet Traffic and advertising revenue and takes into account previous interest and offers on the domain name as well as the value of the term as a potential brand and Internet keyword.
We don’t keep an exact price for any of our domain names on file… [snip] …exact sale prices fluctuate over time so we research these on a case by case basis as and when required when we receive serious interest in a domain name.
If you do think this will be of further interest given the indication above and you would like us to look into this further for you and investigate a definite current asking price, or if you have any other questions or comments please let us know.
Best regards, ???

Hi ???, Thanks for your reply.
The domain has been for sale for ages (years) with no takers so I feel my £1000 offer is realistic irrespective of your estimated valuation. I don’t need it, it’s just a nicer fit for [snip]
Our main business is affiliate marketing through other websites.
As I stated in the initial form I have no plans to resell it for profit so you wouldn’t be missing out and £1000 has to be better than it being parked for another year.
Regards, Joe Connor

Sorry Joe but that’s not how it works, Regards, ???

Hi ???,
> Sorry Joe but that’s not how it works.
I recently bought a domain where the initial asking price was 18k for 3.7k through Sedo so I know that’s exactly how it is.
A domain is worth what someone will pay for it and given it’s been sat there for years unused it’s clearly not worth what you value it at.
I’ll email you again next year 😉
Regards, Joe

Hi Joe,
“Sat there for years unused”? you make it sound like an old washing machine! Like I say that is not the way it works and you clearly have no concept of my businesses model in this area, something which has nothing at all to do with whatever a bunch of jokers on Sedo may get up to.
I am not going to enter into a debate with you on this and explain the situation because I get hundreds of people come out with similar nonsense to me every year and I never normally reply.
But to put you straight though on this on this occasion it is suffice to say whilst your thoughts on this are a nice idea for you and your desire to try and secure this domain name; and a good attempt at an angle for you to try and bargain a lower price on it, they are fundamentally incorrect.
An asset in this instance a domain name like this one that is firstly appreciating in value and secondly generating revenue does not fit with your description, as someone who makes money out of parked domains with advertising on them you must surely be aware of this second point. If it were like an old washing machine and becoming out of date, obsolete and depreciating and something I had to pay storage and rent on and was falling into disrepair then, yes, you may have a point, and yes I would then be wise to look at trying to secure a deal, but the situation bears no comparison to that and your reasoning is clearly flawed.
So nice try, but regardless of your past experiences in buying domain names there is no way I will be selling this domain name for any less than the price indicated whether now or even if I still have it in 10 years time. If I were in a hurry to get rid of it and needed the money I know two places where I could sell it for more than three times your offer, immediately, today guaranteed.
If however you are in the future in the position to make a genuinely “realistic” offer if say your business grows for example and you have more money to spend feel free to let me know.

Best regards, ???

So the domain probably has a true value somewhere around £3000 and I could probably get it for £5000. Domain name haggling suggestions welcomed…


The domain I wanted (and would still quite like but don’t need) is still up for sale and the ownership hasn’t changed since my original 2007 post. It’s now up for sale now for £1000 🙂 I’m tempted to start the domain name haggling again but can I be arsed?

Wow! CantBarsed Really Can’t be Arsed!

Even I’m shocked how CantBarsed can’t be arsed. I’ve only posted a handful of entries to the blog this year and it’s almost Christmas again! We’ve skipped right past Halloween – or I would have had it not been for my daughter Natasha’s top pumpkin carving, bought to you in the widescreen format it deserves – go Natasha Tarantino!

Since my last post I’ve driven an Aston Martin DB9, Lamboghini Gallardo and Ferrari 550 on a track day, courtesy of top experience company Buyagift, which was pretty damn exciting BUT ever since making Airfix models and going to air-shows I’ve always been into planes and over the summer I got to fly a stunt plane through most of the manoeuvres I’ve watched at air-shows dozens of times. It was the best experience ever… ever.

Things have also been hotting up on the business front. We finally managed to buy the domain from the guy who has owned it since we set up and it’s great to have that in our portfolio – although it was a painful expense.
With all the hype surrounding the launch of the .eu domains we also bought and to avoid going through the same pain barrier again.
At the moment all the domains end up at but if you have any ideas what we could do with the domain we’d love to hear them – making email accounts available on the domain would be quite cool but they would have to be paid accounts because we can’t find a good free webmail provider to work with (suggestions welcomed) and we still have several thousand webmail accounts live.

I’m taking the kids to see the Blue Man Group in London and having seen them in Las Vegas I know they’re going to love it. Will try to remember to report back.

In the meantime I hope all your Christmas preparations are going well, remember to use our promotional codes pages to save a few quid while you’re shopping online if you cantBarsed can’t be arsed.